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Below are the services offered for Human Resource, Criminal Justice and Reentry Professionals 

Is your company facing labor shortages because of stiff talent competition? Are your supervisors and managers struggling to find new reliable talent? Is your company at the critical stages of rethinking its hiring practices? Well, we may just have options for your labor challenges. 


FELON UNIVERSITY™ has officially launched its groundbreaking HUMAN RESOURCE MASTER COURSE™, exclusively designed for training human resources professionals and employment specialists on how to identify, recruit and retain low risk ex-offenders by tapping into an alternative talent pipeline. Chef Jeff Henderson has created an employee recruitment success model, based on his extraordinary employee success as a former prison dishwasher who became one of the top executive chefs at the world renowned Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.


Executive leadership, human resources personnel, supervisors and managers of labor heavy companies, with a strong emphasis on the quick-casual food service industry, will learn FELON UNIVERSITY's™ best practices on how to identify, recruit and retain low risk ex-offenders who are eager to enter the workforce. 

Customized trainings and keynotes are also available.


FELON UNIVERSITY™ offers — a series of Pop Up criminal justice trainings for senior probation officers, judges, and criminal justice advocates. In addition, we offer an EX-OFFENDER MANAGEMENT TRAINING™ for front line federal and state probation officers.


Ex-offender boot-camps are also available as a platform to bring next level reentry training directly to felons on the inside and out, and to reentry organizations that offer full wrap around services.


FELON UNIVERSITY™ unique perspectives on eradicating modern day mass incarceration through specialized reentry training, is at the core of FELON UNIVERSITY’S™ educational mission. Chef Jeff has been a leading expert and voice for the past 30 years for transformative and reentry education for felons and criminal justice professionals.


Chef Jeff’s message and training can be KEY for the progressive criminal justice professional in the areas of law enforcement training, judicial sentencing policies, prosecution reform, probation & parole leadership, pre-trial service management, reentry service providers and within the community.




  • Lectures and trainings on eradicating modern day mass incarceration.


  • Criminal justice panels, keynotes and think tank discussions on criminal reform.


  • WHAT EVERY PO NEEDS TO KNOW- a training session geared toward helping probation officers better understand and manage the PTS issues and mindset of ex-offenders.

  • Reentry boot-camps for incarcerated and non-incarcerated men, women and juveniles.


  • Felony prevention boot-camps for students in alternative high school settings and juvenile detention centers 

Customized trainings and

keynotes are also available

WHAT EVERY FELON NEEDS TO KNOW POP UP BOOT-CAMP™ offers various reentry trainings for incarcerated men, women, juvenile offenders, and those who have been released to community corrections, probationers, pre-trial, or assigned to state and federal drug court. The top goal of FELON UNIVERSITY™ is to offer specialized reentry education across the country that focuses hard on:

  • Sharing strategies with inmates and ex-offenders on eradicating their criminal mindsets


  • Decriminalizing Skills Sets

  • 70/30 Inmate Time Management

  • Building a Marketable Brand Despite a Felony Record 

  • Felons Who Make It & The Ones Who Won’t

  • What Felons Need to Know About Probation

  • Entrepreneur or Employee Mindset?

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